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Hi guys! I just wanted to share with all you my last interview for OutClique magazine. I had the honor to participate on this amazing local magazine that supports community growing in Fort Lauderdale, USA. The photos were taken by a photographer and friend that I really admire: Connor Wilkinson, you guys can follow his amazing work on Instagram and Flickr, just search for @honnorconnor.

Below is the interview that I really enjoyed writing down. I hope you enjoy it guys!

- Are you a South Florida native? If not, where are you originally from and what brought you to South Florida?

I always feel like the place I'm living at is my home. However I was born in Medellin, Colombia. I moved to America some years ago to meet my family.

- What is it like being a LGBTQ millennial in South Florida?

This question is quite challenging for me because I try to avoid tags on my life experience. Labels like millennial, black or white, LGBTQ, old or young in my opinion, limit our lives. Creating distance, confusion and fear between people. I consider my self as a living being with all its complexity and unintelligible meaning. I believe on being free of tags and being open to experience our spirituality, biology or sexuality in my own infinite way. I consider living in South Florida a great experience. Regions like SoFlo are not that common in the world. Having the opportunity of interacting in person with different cultures and languages is something that I really enjoy every day.

- What are some of the biggest challenges millennials are facing today?

The permanent use of laptops, phones and online life has created some behavioral issues that is definitely affecting our social lives. It seems like the person to person interaction is quite difficult on these days. But, I'm not sure if that is a problem that only concerns just the millennials.

- What are you personally doing to make an impact within your community?

I like spreading a message of love, hope and self-consciousness throw everything I do either music, modeling, food or coffee. "Music is the healing" is the name of my first music project. I'm recording an EP with my friend and producer Wizzmer. It is a multilingual collection of traditional songs from different parts of the world that have become a part of our heritage. It includes traditional songs dealing with fear and lost, joy and pain.

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